Fun Ideas to get you through the SIP

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Fun Ideas to get you through the SIP

First I must confess. I started this newsletter in March, at the beginning of the SIP. I was full of so much inspiration to accomplish things I never have time for – and in reality, I accomplished 3 or 4 things, which definitely did not include anything remotely close to cleaning out my closet! But here is my list in case it inspires you during or beyond the SIP:

Make your holiday cards now! Imagine being that prepared….

Organize your photo’s. Make photo books to be printed and bound as gifts or for your family.

Make a craft out of whatever you have at home without ordering extra supplies.

Make birthday cards as art projects.

Get creative in the kitchen. Pretend you’re on a cooking show challenge to come up with a gourmet meal from limited ingredients.

Focus on your weak spots – literally. Strengthen your core by doing planks, your arms by doing push-ups, your legs by doing squats. No gym required!!

Turn up the music and dance around the house!

Find all those products you never have time to use properly and do a spa day at home w/ bath salts, facial supplies, hair mask, whatever you have that might create a spa day.

Start that writing project, painting, or other creative goal.

 Take online classes for language, arts, improve your skills.

Start that blog, book or memoir journal.

Do an art project.

Kondo your closet!

Go through the pantry and make a list of expiration dates.

Write letters to family, friends.

Meditate Ommmm….

Make a vision board depicting your ideal life so the minute this is over you can get started!

Stretch, do yoga, take walks.

Watch funny movies & binge watch shows.

Read, read, read!

Take naps. Do puzzles.

Try to remember all the things you wish you had time to do at home.

Try to choose happiness amidst the chaos of newsfeeds and worrying information. Focus on others!

Love the ones you’re with!