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Fall 2020


Meteor shower tonight! October 19-22


Sun Valley School in the days of Covid:


Teaching is one of the most important jobs one can have – teaching during a pandemic must be one of the most challenging.  I am not surprised one bit that each teacher I spoke with, whether it be public or private school, shared the same sentiment: they are exhausted.

Teachers have a significant task to address the challenges of teaching while keeping themselves and their student’s safe, and also engaged in the curriculum. As we all go through our days wearing masks and doing our best to keep ourselves and our fellow neighbors, colleagues and friends safe and healthy, most of us are not also responsible for educating children along the way, providing knowledge and skills that will help to keep them successfully on their education journey, and also contributing to the feeling of being connected and part of their school community.

One Sun Valley teacher said, “A little more than half of us teach remotely from our class rooms because it feels more normal. The principal and support staff are at school full time. Students pick up packets of work to do at home every 2-3 weeks. We teach (live) remotely daily, from 8:30-2:15, and then there is an awesome enrichment program that the whole district does from 2:30-3:15 including yoga, PE, art, etc…” She shared that everyone is doing the best they can and all are exhausted. She added, “It is such a super strong community – there is a group of parents who are giving tech help and all kids who needed them got Chromebooks.”

Thank you Sun Valley School! And to all teachers from Sausalito to Novato, and out to west Marin, I say a heartfelt “Thank You” for your extra work and efforts! You do so much to keep our communities and the children of our county strong and vibrant!


It’s been hard to know what to expect for celebrating Halloween this year. We know we won’t be having parties, but what about the kids trick-or-treating? At my house, we decided to decorate and buy candy, but not as much as other years thinking we will get less of a turn-out. With covid-19 in mind, we are going to make a string “candy line” out front of our house and use clothes pins to attach the candy, and replenish as needed. We will start a little earlier and close up a little earlier, too. We may not get any kids, but we want to offer some festivity just in case. And I hope we do get trick-or-treaters so we are not left with bags of m&m’s to finish off ourselves!! Have a safe & fun Halloween!! 

 Fire Safety:

 This is a copy of an email posted by Jim Rubin, President of the Sun Valley Neighborhood Association:

 Fire Safety is one of things on our minds these days. Some of you may be aware of the FireWise Program:    www.firesafemarin.org/firewise   

FireWise is designed to encourage local solutions for fire safety by involving homeowners in taking individual responsibility for preparing their homes from the risk of wildfire. Some areas of Sun Valley have formed FireSafe groups. If you would like to find out more or start a FireSafe group in your immediate neighborhood please join us for a call on Thursday November 5th at 7pm. The discussion will cover the benefits of a Firewise community, how to get started, steps to gaining Firewise recognition, resources that are available to help and answer any questions you have. 

 The general approach to start is to find a neighbor or two to work with and do a risk assessment and educational outreach. Please let me know if you would like to be on the call.


Jim | vnasr5@gmail.com


The Real Estate Market:

The market continues to be robust with multiple offers in many cases. There is a tried and true formula for sellers: landscape, paint, prep and stage, do inspections up front…and price right! Buyers are savvy and educated about the market values and trends. If a home is priced beyond its value, and not prepared to make it as appealing as possible, then it will likely sit on the market before being reduced or receiving an offer under the asking price. If you are thinking of selling but feel daunted by the task of preparing for the market, let's talk it through. I have a great team of painters, contractors, gardeners and stagers and can help you get your property in tiptop shape!


If you haven't already, get out and vote! There are drop boxes all over Marin to make it as convenient as possible. It's been said before, but your voice is your vote!