How We're Selling Real Estate These Days

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Real Estate

We are experiencing a delayed spring market with multiple offers, overbids and quick escrows, but while we are enjoying an active market, it is not business as usual.


Due to covid-19 we have new guidelines for showing property and it’s changed the way we work to sell homes. Everyone entering a home listed for sale needs to sign a PEAD form or Property Entry Advisory Disclaimer.  Docusign has been a great relief in this effort. This PEAD needs to be signed by anyone entering the property for the purpose of showing, appraising, photographing or improving the home such as stagers, painters, and contractors.


Most listing agents  are requiring buyers to provide a pre-approval letter and/or proof of funds along with the signed PEAD in order to view the home. This requirement along with no open houses makes it tougher for the buyer wanting to dip their toe in the water to get their search started, but there are upsides for buyers as well. With getting pre-approved before your search starts in earnest, your price range is firmly established removing the stress or disappointment around budgeting for your new home.


The new marketing tools including virtual open houses, showcase videos, 3D Matterport tours and floor plan visuals, plus up to 50 photographs included on MLS data sheets gives a buyer a chance to really view a house in great detail before ever going inside. Nothing replaces the experience of walking the grounds or being inside a home, but these visuals help.


We provide sanitizers, gloves and booties at our listings and display a sign reminding all who enter the listing of the covid-19 safety requirements.


All showings must be scheduled to avoid more than one party at the home at a time, and that party is to be from the same household with no more than two buyers entering at the time with one realtor present. It has taken the spontaneity out of the home tour experience, and replaced it with necessary pre-planning to make it all go smoothly. But just like all of us wearing masks these days, the following the new guidelines has become second nature and hasn’t slowed the market one bit. And when we remind ourselves that it's all in effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, it puts it into perspective. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions about how to best proceed with your home search or sale to make it the most pleasant and positive experience possible.