Shout Out to Local Businesses & Community Spirit!

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Appreciation for Local Businesses and Community Spirit!

A shout out to Andy’s Local Market! Andy has provided bulk food at cost to help supply food to families in need through the fundraising efforts of Bags of Love for Marin City. This is no small story – To date nearly 200 families have enough food through August thanks to the efforts of some caring people with their eyes wide open looking for ways to help. I received an email from a colleague requesting donations and volunteers for Bags of Love which brought the organization to my attention. In donating and doing a little research, I found a few stories in the Marin I.J. which were fun to track to the progress made by community efforts and generous hearts and the huge success of the campaign.

This Appeared in Marin IJ March 24th, 2020: “At least 80 Marin families with greater needs during the coronavirus pandemic are receiving bags of food this week through a social media campaign started by local educators and volunteers.

“As the crisis continues, we saw a need,” said Julie Neil of San Anselmo, who is working on the project with David Finnane, principal at Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy in Marin City, and Rich Friedman, a special education teacher there. “We saw this is going to get bigger.”

The group started to ask for donations on Sunday with posts on NextDoor, then spread the message through Facebook and the San Anselmo Baseball Association mailing list. By noon Tuesday, organizers had received $3,630 in monetary donations online.”

And skip ahead to the current post on the Bags of Love site: “Thanks to the grace and generosity of 500+ donors, we raised over $158,000 in donated food and monetary donations. These donations will continue to feed 200 Bayside MLK and Willow Creek Academy families in need through August 2020. It's astounding! The whole Marin City community is deeply touched and grateful for the outpouring of support.”

Insalata’s in San Anselmo, one of Marin’s favorite restaurants, and combined efforts to provide fresh and delicious meals to those in need- low income seniors, students, and the unemployed - during the covid19 pandemic. Krahling and her staff have been cooking meals weekly for ExtraFood. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, the longtime friends and collaborators saw an opportunity to increase Insalata’s meal contribution at a time when it’s needed the most and have been supplying 150+ meals a day during the SIP. To fund their efforts, Krahling started an Insalata’s GoFundMe campaign. The “Fuel The Community Project” officially started April 4th, and the goal was to make daily meals for two months. Here is a follow-up post on April 26th:

APRIL 26, 2020by Heidi Krahling, Organizer

We would like to express a big heartfelt thank you for your amazingly generous support of this project. We have just finished our third week of preparing daily meals and couldn’t be happier to cook in our kitchen again. Our team, along with, has done an outstanding job. We are ending our GoFundMe project with the realization that you, our community, have been outstanding in your support. Over 400 of you have donated, helping us to reach and surpass our goal. It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they work together for a worthy cause. We are happy to announce that Insalata’s takeout will be reopening on May 4th. We are ready to safely serve our lusciousness to our community once again.

So a Shout Out to Insalata’s and! is an incredible organization supplying food where needed in Marin county year round. Check them out for donation and volunteer opportunities.