Some Silver Lining Stories

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Due to all the time spent with us at home playing cards in the evenings, my border collie has picked up quite the gin rummy skills!

My friend Nicola Cranmer who owns Twenty20 Womens Cycling Team was in Arizona overseeing the building of a new team training center. Through some friends she met a contractor who was working on a project in the area for a national construction company and would have been leaving to go back east, but the project in Boston got pushed back until the end of the SIP which gave them time to get to know each other. They went on hikes and bike rides, did yoga with goats on a farm…and fell in love!

My friend Janet O’Sullivan had a traditional celebration, honoring the passing of her husband with her family, cancelled due to shelter in place. Rather than let the day go without celebration, her family organized a zoom meeting and friends and cousins as far as Ireland and England joined in the hour long conversation full of laughs and tears as they went down memory lane.

Our friends got a new puppy and he is well on his way to learning to fetch the morning paper!


John Krasinski started the “Some Good News” - SGN show available on YouTube and it is terrific fun. Watch the one with Lin Manuel Miranda – it is guaranteed to cheer your day!

Virtual doctor visits!  Grab your thermometer and pulse-oximeter and have your virtual appointment with your doctor. I love the idea of keeping my cooties at home, and not driving to the doctor when I don’t feel well, only to risk picking up new germs while there.